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Collaborative Research Centre

for smart advanced manufacturing of lightweight structures
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We bring innovative organisations together with technology suppliers and TU Delft researchers

SAM|XL stands for Smart Advanced Manufacturing XL. We are a collaborative research centre at TU Delft Campus.
We develop, demonstrate and de-risk smart manufacturing solutions.

We focus on automated production processes of large-size, lightweight structures for the high-tech aerospace sector.


Automation is key to keep up in the competitive industry.

Off-the-shelf automation technology tends to fall short with regards to technical or economic aspects. Setting up an automated production line currently still requires a substantial amount of time, money and effort.


Where should you start? Can you do this alone? What equipment do you need? How do you level up your knowledge? How important is the role of software development? 

SAM|XL can help you take the first steps towards automated production.


Using your long-term ambitions as starting point, our infrastructure, knowledge and consulting provides the guidance needed to get out of the starting blocks and accelerate your innovation and skills transfer.


Our services


We use our on-site infrastructure to develop and validate automation concepts and manufacturing AI for your production environment.  


Our in-house expertise team

can help you with gaining the expertise and technical knowledge needed for the development of an automation project. 


SAM|XL provides training services to become familiar with automation robotics.

What's in it for you?

Whether you are a supplier, a manufacturer or academic, explore your benefits at SAM|XL. We have established the SAM|XL Community, where the industry works towards automating manufacturing processes. 

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& Integrators

Increase market share by reducing cost, increasing output or accelerated development of new manufacturing technology.


Showcase research output, find partners for follow-up projects, speed up research and attract academic talent. 

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Software Suppliers

Position your technology for the future of manufacturing. 

Access new markets, grow a loyal user group, meet customers and generate exposure.


& Education


At SAM|XL we work towards a sustainable future. By accelerating innovation that allows more efficient production. By means of stimulating collaboration and innovation we wish to propagate our values regarding a healthy planet. 


Founding partners

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