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Make yourself at home. We have a wide range of manufacturing, assembly and inspection technologies which can be used to innovate your automated production process.  At SAM|XL it is possible to rent a project office and establish a footprint at the TU Delft campus.

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If you are a...

Manufacturer or integrator

Make SAM|XL a complementary extension of your internal research organisation. Acces SAM|XL resources via pay-per-hour rent mechanism to develop complete intelligent manufacturing systems. Upgrading your skills to match your own particular use-case, or develop technology blocks that complement your in-house technology portfolio. Generate knowledge and receive support with writing projects plans, funding proposals and business cases. Have a say in SAM|XL's strategic direction and investments. 

Join our community as SAM|XL Participant and initiate projects using SAM|XL resources.


If you are a...

Research or

educational organisation

Use SAM|XL infrastructure as extension to your department's research laboratory. Demonstrate and validate innovative robotics, AI, sensors and control technology. Make industry understand your vision and find partners for follow up projects. 


Benefit from the SAM|XL technology building blocks to create an intelligent manufacturing system to enhance the quality and speed of your research on innovative materials, product designs and manufacturing processes. 


Use the SAM|XL collection of robots to your advantage in the competition for academic talent, and include it in your education efforts to generate enthusiasm amongst students. 

If you are a...

Hardware, software or

material supplier

Include your products in our state-of-the-art infrastructure that forms the foundation of our research and education efforts. Help us by making hardware, software, training and accessories in a cost-effective manner. So that in turn, we can initiate more research and education activities. Become the catalyst and driving force that generates the momentum of our community. Proof and demonstrate your hardware, software and materials in challenging applications. Build up a competent and loyal user group, generate exposure, meet customers and see first-hand the direction that the industry is taking. Become a SAM|XL Technology Partner.

Becoming part of SAM|XL

We are a community, consisting of manufacturers, suppliers, integrators, academia, students and start-ups. Becoming part of SAM|XL means becoming part of this innovative community. 

At SAM|XL we know that not every project, robot or thesis is the same. This means that becoming part of SAM|XL is a unique process for everyone. Together we investigate the best fit of collaboration between you and SAM|XL. 

Our Participants

Our Technology Partners


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