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Congratulations Jonas!

We would like to congratulate Jonas S.I. Rieder for successfully defending his thesis and graduating in the field of Aeronautical Engineering at the Hogeschool Inholland / Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

In the past nine months, Jonas spent his time at SAM|XL researching the limitations of current assistance systems for manual composites prepreg layups. As current systems cannot support molds that physically obstruct the direct projection/vision of the location of the ply (e.g. overhangs).

Jonas researched an alternative method which mitigates this problem. Making use of "optical-see-through head-mounted devices” which utilize an alternative approach to achieve 3D holographic content in space, this could be achieved. A proof of concept was developed and further potential means for advanced visual guidance/assistance were explored.

At SAM|XL Jonas had the opportunity to collaborate with industry and apply his research on actual test-cases. This research contributes to the knowledge in the field of smart advanced manufacturing and brings us another step closer to automating complex production processes.

Thank you Jonas for spending your time at SAM|XL and we wish good luck with your future endeavours!

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