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Grant Announcement

Great news! Three proposals have been approved for the RDM subsidy scheme, in which the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and SAM|XL are jointly involved! The 4.9 million euros will be available for research and development in manufacturing within the Aerospace cluster.

“In these joint submissions high-quality engineering and scientific excellence are combined to fast-track the transition to sustainable aviation.” Kjelt van Rijswijk, CEO SAM|XL

SAM|XL will be involved in three public-private partnerships:

  • Composite liquid hydrogen tanks with Toray advanced composites. Development of a ‘long-life’ liquid hydrogen tank for civil aviation from composites.

  • Thermoplastics for sustainable aviation with GKN Fokker Aerostructures. Development and validation of thermoplastic composite materials for the primary aerostructure and the subsequent advanced manufacturing processes.

  • Brightsky smart MRO with Jetsupport and KLM Engineering & Maintenance. Advanced inspection and repair techniques for aircraft engine components (Also teaming up with TNO and Faculty 3mE). As well as the development of digital tools that provide decision support for maintenance and planning.

We are very proud and excited to shape the future of sustainable aviation. Our XL manufacturing hall in Delft offers a unique combination of industrial-scale automation equipment and excellent software and robotics engineers. These grants will make a major contribution on our way towards a Green, Digital and Competitive Netherlands,

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