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Welcome on board Nathan!

SAM|XL is pleased to announce that AI expert prof. Nathan Eskuewill be joining the team. Nathan is an industry-recognized AI leader, with over 50 national/international presentations at aerospace, military, space exploration, and manufacturing conferences. With a strong track record in the AI/manufacturing sector, Nathan will be of added value by determining and implementing clear roadmaps, that should help SAM|XL achieve its milestones. Besides joining SAM|XL, Nathan will also join the TU Delft faculty of AE to work on AI for manufacturing. This role will allow Nathan to connect student/faculty research, industry needs, and SAM|XL resources to solve meaningful problems. Nathan is excited about SAM|XL by the sheer enormity of possibility. “I love to walk through a workspace, forcibly remove those ‘not possible’ mental blocks, and dream about what could be accomplished.” We are happy that Nathan is joining our team, welcome onboard!

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