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Discover our facilities and activities

We provide room for experimenting with smart advanced manufacturing on real size robots

We offer an environment in which technology suppliers can host their innovative hardware and software and participants (manufacturers) can make use of the materials and workplaces. Our TU Delft researchers and experts can be consulted anytime and will guide you in the development process.


We strongly believe that innovation is driven by dedicated work of individuals or teams, which all have their own way in learning and pursuing goals. At SAM|XL we want to maximize the freedom of innovation by providing an open infrastructure, so that data is accessible and available when and wherever, you will not find ‘black-boxes’ at SAM|XL. Speeding up innovation through collaboration is our passion, we are committed to protecting the core IP of our partners. 

We help you map your path to automation

Define your project 

What is your technical challenge and where can SAM|XL assist? It often is difficult to define a roadmap to automation. Our engineers know where the technical challenges lie, and we have experience with solving them. 

Identifying funding opportunities

As TU Delft fieldlab we have access to funding dedicated to research and technology innovation. 

Executing projects together

By means of our on-site infrastructure and software libraries we develop and validate automated manufacturing systems.

Teaching you the necessary skill

Our experts help you with developing the required skills needed to speed up your innovation. Working on-site at SAM|XL means that your team becomes familiar with automation manufacturing systems.


Our facilities

SAM|XL is located across the road of the  Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, right on the TU Delft campus.

Our Facility comprises 2000 m2 factory space that is divided in an ‘open’ area for technology showcases and a ‘closed’ area for conducting projects that are of a more confidential nature. To offer our Participants a home away from home, we offer ad hoc flex-desks as well as onsite offices and industrial floor space that can be rented for longer periods. SAM|XL brings you at the centre of the vibrant Delft start-up community and the talented student body of Delft University of Technology, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and InHolland.

Our robots

Although at first sight our robots may seem like any other industrial robot in research and manufacturing centres, a closer look reveals that our entire collection of robots is not only top of the range, but also capable of communicating with the outside world.  Our robots cover a wide range of payloads and ranges and all have the ability to output real-time data for monitoring purposes. Equipped with models and sensors capable of real-time, high-speed, path and task planning. 


Our robotic infrastructure ideally suitable for developing, demonstrating and validating Artificial Intelligence for the manufacturing industry. Both the robot's own programming software as well as the ROS industrial middleware platform can be used to put our intelligent manufacturing systems into motion. 

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Our capabilities

  • Robotic Filament Winding

  • Automated Fibre Placement

  • Pick & Place of sheet materials

  • Ultrasonic Welding

  • AR/VR assisted assembly

  • Laser Line Scanning

  • Phase Array Ultrasonic





  • 3D cameras

  • Laser tracker

  • Indoor GPS


  • Mechanical testing

  • Chemical analysis

  • Microscopy


  • RoboDK professional

  • SolidWorks

  • InspectionWare

  • LabVIEW

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Discover projects

A selection of recent manufacturing and academic projects

Full-size thermoplastic composite fuselage assembly
project example cobot drilling-min.jpg
Drilling of composite control surfaces with mobile cobots
Project example NDT-min.jpg
Automated Inspection
Automated path planning

Masterclasses and training

An important part of being part of the SAM|XL community is learning the right skills needed to improve your automation process. At the SAM|XL premises, training and masterclasses are facilitated by our RoboAcadamy. Please look at their website for upcoming training events. 

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NDT & Robotics for composite materials

Interested in Non Destructive Testing (NDT) of materials? One of many applications of robotics is Non Destructive Testing (NDT). In collaboration with RoboAcademy, our Technology Partner Tiat Europe is hosting a starter course that will allow participants to get a basic understanding of the most common NDT methods.

This three day course (Jan 25 - Jan 27) will include a variety of practical and theoretical assignments, allowing participants to get some hands-on expierence on Phased Array and Thermography equipment.

If you are part of the SAM|XL community, a discount on participation price is provided! 


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